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Arbeit und das Gute Leben – Erfassung von Verwirklichungschancen (work and the good life –assessing capabilities), in: Was macht ein gutes Leben aus? Der Capability Approach im Fortschrittsforum,  Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Hrsg.), 2014, link.

Capability or Capabilities? – On differences in Sen’s and Nussbaum’s conception of capability and implications for their respective ideas of justice. to be presented at the HDCA-conference in Managua, September 2013.

Capabilities and Needs – Combining approaches to contribute to sustainability (with Salina Centgraf und Felix Rauschmayer),
presented at the ESEE-conference in Lille, June 2013.

Editorial: Collectivity in the Capability Approach (with José Manuel Roche), Maitreyee 22, 1–2 (E-Bulletin of the Human Development & Capability Association), 2013, link.

From sustainable consumption to the quest for a good life. short paper for the workshop The Search for Good Life in Münster, March 2013, link.

Indikatoren im Capability Ansatz und der Bezug zur Nachhaltigkeit: Welchen Beitrag kann der Capability Ansatz leisten? (Indicators in the capability approach in relation to sustainability: What can the CA contribute?) UFZ Discussion Papers 16/2012 GeNECA-7 (link).

Sustaining human well-being across time and space – sustainable development, justice and the capability approach (with Torsten Masson, Felix Rauschmayer und Rebecca Gutwald), forthcoming in: Andrew Crabtree und Meera Tiwari (Hrsg.): Capability and Sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan, BasingstokeAndrew Crabtree und Meera Tiwari (eds.): Capability and Sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Challenges in Applying the Capability Approach Empirically: An Overview of Existing Studies, UFZ discussion papers GeNECA-1a, 2012 (link)

Nachhaltigkeitsindikatoren und Capabilities - Anknüpfungspunkte aus der Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitsforschung (with Torsten Masson), UFZ Discussion Papers 7/2012 GeNECA-6, (link).

Agency, Economics and Ethics: The Capability Approach as an Ethical Economic Theory, paper presented at the 14th World Congress of the Association for Social Economics in Glasgow 2012.

Re-conceptualising Sustainable Development on the basis of the Capability Approach: a model and its difficulties (with Felix Rauschmayer), UFZ Discussion Papers 3/2012 GeNECA-5 (Link).

Empirische Studien zum Capability Ansatz auf der Grundlage von Befragungen – ein Überblick (Empirical studies on the Capability Approach on the basis of questionnaires – an overview), UFZ Discussion Papers 4/2011 - GeNECA 1 (Link)

Child Poverty from a Capability Perspective, forthcoming in: Caroline Hart, Mario Biggeri, Bernhard Babic and Clemens Sedmak (eds.): Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth: International Applications and Capability Approach in Schools and Beyond, Bloomsbury Research, London, 2013.

The Capability Approach to intergenerational justice - a survey (with Rebecca Gutwald, Felix Rauschmayer and Torsten Masson), UFZ Discussion Papers 8/2011 - GeNECA 4 (Link).

Incomparability, Incommensurability and Incompleteness in Neurath and Sen; paper presented at the XXII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie in Munich, 2011.

Adaptive Preferences, Identity and Reflection. paper presented at the HDCA conference 2011 in The Hague, submitted to Review of Social Economy.

Measuring Poverty as Capability Failure: Concepts, Problems and Proposals, mimeo.

Using the Capability Approach for Research on and Policy for Sustainable Development (with Felix Rauschmayer, Johannes Frühmann and Ines Omann) mimeo.

Identifying the Capability-Poor: Problems and a Proposal, presented at the EADI-conference 2008 in Geneva, 


Schlüsselressource Wissen: Ökonomische Relevanz und Trends (mit Alkis H. Otto und Silvia Stiller) (Knowledge as a Key Resource: Economic Relevance and Trends), Wissen 2030 – Vermögen und Leben in der nächsten Generation, eine Initiative des Hamburgischen Welt-Wirtschaftsinstituts und der Berenberg Bank, Nr. 6, 2008, pp. 8–40.

Effective Freedom and External Capabilities: Two Different Conceptions of Capability; Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsforschung Nr. 152, Sozialökonomisches Seminar der Universität Hamburg (Institute of Socioeconomics), Hamburg, 2007 (pdf).

Conflicts of Values, Standards and Incommensurability (with Jörg Gröndahl); Paper presented at the EURAS-Workshop on Standards and Conflict Resolution in Dresden, October 2007 (submitted to Politics, Philosophy and Economics).

Some Reflections on Operationalising the Capability-set and a Definition of Poverty as Capability Failure. Paper presented at the Capability Conference 2004 in Pavia, http://cfs.unipv.it/ca2004/papers/lessman.pdf .

Income of Family Carers and Cared-for Older People. Internal report of the EUROFAMCARE research project. Centre of Social Policy, University of Bremen, to be published as a part of the Socio-economic Report. EUROFAMCARE. Hamburg 2006.